Student Organizations

Major Medical and Dental Specialties Groups

Cushing Neurosurgical Society (CNS)

To promote student interest in neurosurgery and connect students with neurosurgical faculty.

Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)

The purpose of the Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) is to provide a means for
medical students to learn about and consider the field of dermatology. This group aims to provide a forum to discuss and increase awareness of the multifaceted aspects of dermatology, including its subspecialties, clinical challenges, and new developments in treatments. Specific missions of DIG@HMS include:

  • To encourage medical student interest in dermatology;
  • To increase exposure of medical students to dermatology;
  • To foster a sense of collegiality among students interested in dermatology;
  • To help students find mentors within the field of dermatology;
  • To provide information for students interested in skin research;
  • To inform students about dermatology events at HMS, locally, regionally, and nationally;
  • To promote attendance at national and regional dermatology conferences;
  • To teach people in the greater Boston community about preventive measures to protect against skin diseases; and
  • To create and disperse an electronic newsletter which will form a cohesive link between students, faculty, residents, alumni and to disperse information regarding opportunities in research, experience, and volunteerism within dermatology.

Disaster Medicine Interest Group

Disasters and other unexpected emergencies present significant challenges to the local, state and federal medical infrastructure. The Disaster Medicine Interest Group aims to address these issues through its three main goals:
1) Raise awareness of natural disaster relief
2) Promote Medical Student knowledge in disaster preparedness, response and recovery by offering lecturers, training, and
organizational resources.
3) Inform students of different career paths related to disaster medicine

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

The mission of the Emergency Medicine Interest Group is to educate the HMS community about Emergency Medicine and to provide ways for medical students to actively explore the field of Emergency Medicine.

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

To promote the broad and opportunity-­‐filled specialty of family medicine at medical schools

Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

The Internal Medicine Interest Group is dedicated to raising awareness and interest in internal medicine and its subspecialty fields.  Through the efforts of the IMIG, students will be able to attend discussion panels with a variety of internal medicine practitioners. In coordination with other local IMIGs and the Massachusetts Chapter of the American College of Physicians, students will have access to regional and national resources. Our goal will be to help students understand options for careers in internal medicine, as well as current clinical and policy challenges in the field. The group coordinates shadowing opportunities with local physicians in a variety of settings so that students can get meaningful experiences and mentorship from practicing physicians before their clerkships.  Through the ACP, students will be able to attend regional and national conferences, where they will be able to work with practicing physicians to address issues important to the fields of internal medicine and primary care, as well as issues particularly relevant to medical students.

John Warren Surgical Society (JWSS)

The John Warren Surgical Society is an organization dedicated to supporting HMS students as they explore the field of surgery. We seek to provide opportunities for mentorship by faculty and enrichment in surgery outside of the classroom.

Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group (LMIG)

The HMS Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group (LMIG) seeks to give medical students the knowledge and skills they need to to effectively integrate exercise and nutrition advice, positive psychology, and motivational interviewing into future clinical practice. Affiliated with Harvard’s Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, LMIG offers a combination of guest lectures, interactive workshops, and community activities throughout the year to raise awareness and enthusiasm for our mission of reducing lifestyle-­‐behavior-­‐related death and disease in society.

Medical Genetics Student Interest Group

No description :/

OBGYN Interest Group

No description :/

Oncology Interest Group (OIG)

The Oncology Interest Group (OIG) at HMS is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to gain greater exposure to the scientific, clinical, and personal aspects of oncology. Through a network of physician-mentors and shadowing opportunities, we aim to help students explore their interests in various subspecialties of oncology, such as surgical oncology, orthopedic oncology, medical oncology, hematology/oncology, radiation oncology, pediatric oncology, psychosocial oncology, and gynecologic oncology. We organize a seminar series featuring prominent faculty who discuss topics in cancer research and caring for patients with cancer, as well as ways of bridging these fields. Other subjects of talks include career decisions, clinical trials, the influence of the pharmaceutical industry, ethics, and dying. We also provide information about the resources available inside and outside Harvard Medical School for students to learn more about current medical practices and the latest discoveries in cancer research, such as talks at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, local tumor board meetings, and conferences. Finally, we organize group activities, such as breast cancer walks. Through these programs, we hope that students gain greater understanding of cancer, how oncology is practiced today, and the trends that are shaping the ways we will treat cancer patients in the future.

Opthalmology Interest Club (OPTIC)

The Ophthalmology Interest Club (OPTIC) is committed to increasing educational opportunities and clinical exposure to the field of ophthalmology. Through discussions of current research topics, mentorship, and shadowing opportunities, we help expose students to the various subspecialties of ophthalmology, including anterior segment/cataract, retinal, corneal, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, occuloplastics, and uveitis. The group will explore the clerkships, residency and career paths of current ophthalmologists and offer advice for the up-and-coming ones. OPTIC will also provide interactive opportunities through the year such as surgical visits and rounds at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.

Oral Medicine and Pathology Interest Group

No description :(

Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group (OSIG)

To promote Interest in Ortho at HMS.

Palliative Care Interest Group

The Palliative Care Interest Group’s goal is to expose students to the current issues and career opportunities in palliative care.

Pediatrics Interest Group (PIG)

The Pediatrics Interest Group (PIG) aims to help students learn about the unique medical and humanistic aspects of pediatric medical care, a crucial role since pediatric medicine is not emphasized in the first two years of medical curriculum. Our purpose is to promote interest in pediatrics careers ranging from primary care to medical and surgical specialties.  We organize talks with practicing pediatricians from a variety of fields, facilitate a deeper understanding of what makes pediatric patient care unique, and promote discussion of current issues related to pediatrics. In addition to panel discussions and lectures, we provide avenues for HMS students to connect directly with Boston pediatricians and child-­‐related volunteer opportunities in the Boston community.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in participating!

Perio Study Club

To bring awareness and share most updated knowledge in periodontology and to provide a place for predoctoral students in medical and dental trainings to have an open discussion on various seminars that focus on periodontal conditions that may be associated with several systemic diseases such as diabetes.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Student Interest Group

The PM&R Interest Group is dedicated to educating medical students about its multifaceted specialty, a branch of medicine that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders related to the nerves, muscles, and bones to restore function and quality of life, through lectures, musculoskeletal workshops, shadowing and community service activities.

Predoctoral Orthodontics Society

To  expand  predoctoral  knowledge  on  orthodontic  treatment  and  planning  and promote interest in orthodontics at the HSDM community.

Primary Care Interest Group

The Primary Care Interest Group (PCIG) provides engaging opportunities for students to learn about primary care as a profession and an issue of social justice. We collaborate with students groups, academics, and working doctors to offer lectures, spark discussions and support social interaction.  We believe in both cultivating future primary care physicians and nurturing primary care allies in all of medicine.

Radiology Interest Group

The mission of the Radiology Interest Group is to increase awareness of radiology as a profession as well as the different types of radiologists and to provide guidance, support, and inspiration for students interested in radiology and would like to know about opportunities in research and the clinic.

Student Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (SCAAPD)

To expand predoctoral knowledge of pediatric dentistry and foster interest in the promotion of pediatric oral healthcare.

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

The Harvard Medical School chapter of the Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) aims to provide opportunities for medical students to participate in clinical, research, and service activities in neurology, to increase the student’s neurologic knowledge,  and  to  spur  interest  in  the  American  Academy  of  Neurology.  For students who wish to pursue a career in fields including neurology and neurosurgery, we offer in-­‐depth experiences and exposure to the many branches of clinical and academic neurology.

Urology Interest Group (UIG)

The urology interest group is committed to increasing student opportunities in both clinical and research-oriented urology. We hope to expose students to the various subspecialties of urology, including but not limited to, urological oncology, pediatric urology, female urology, infertility, erectile dysfunction and renal transplantation. We will facilitate conversations amongst students but also with forefront Harvard-affiliated urologists to discuss mentorship, and shadowing and research opportunities. We hope to create avenues through which interested students can connect with Boston’s wide network of urological specialists. The interest group will also serve to advise students interested in urology in the clerkship and residency process.

Specific Interests Groups

American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD)

AADMD will expose HMS/HSDM students to the special needs population in Boston to enable us to learn about the medical and lifestyle considerations of people with special needs.  We will also work to build relationships with people members of the community to enhance our clinical training to include interactions with members of all potential patient populations.

American Dental Education Association – Harvard Chapter (ADEA)

Harvard ADEA strives to create a community of students and residents who are interested in dental education, research, or academic dentistry. The organization serves to further student interest by creating opportunities to teach within the school, sponsoring workshops and discussion panels for professional development and networking, serving as a forum for students and faculty to discuss ideas to improve our own curriculum, and connecting HSDM students with the American Dental Education Association’s resources.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

No description

American Student Dental Association (ASDA)

ASDA serves as both a branch of a national organization and the student government at HSDM. As part of National ASDA, our groupis committed to advocating for the rights and welfare of dental students. We strive to introduce students to organized dentistry and provide networking and educational opportunities. As the student government, we organize social events, fundraisers and various other student-centered programming.

Benjamin Rush Society

The Benjamin Rush Society believes that the doctor-­‐patient  relationship is sacred and central to effective medical care. In order for this relationship to provide the greatest benefits both to patients and to society at large, physicians and patients must be free to choose whether to enter into, and maintain, this relationship or not. Furthermore, the decision-­‐making authority must remain within the doctor-­‐patient relationship, with minimal influence from bureaucracies. Liberty fosters innovation and progress in the field of medicine as well. Thus, in medicine as in life, liberty is paramount. The Benjamin Rush Society embraces thoughtful, well-­‐reasoned discourse regarding health care solutions that support this principle of liberty.  The society serves to provide a forum for ideas concerning health care to be exchanged freely, and to provide empirical, scholarly educational resources in order to better equip  physicians  and  medical  students  to  effectively  promote  and  support  the liberty of the doctor-­‐patient relationship.

Big Sib/Lil Sib Interest Program

This program aims to provide longitudinal mentorship to HMS students in their preclinical years by pairing them with students in their clinical years.

Bridging the Gap (BTG)

Bridging the Gap is a joint initiative between Harvard Medical School, Tufts Medical School, and MGH-­‐Chelsea, that links medical and dental students with refugee families participating in the Refugee & Immigrant Health Program at MGH-­‐Chelsea.

Ethics and Professionalism Club

The group aims to make students aware of the unique ethical challenges facing physicians and dentists today.  We will go over case scenarios and discuss the relevant ethical topics.  This can also serve as a support group for students to share any ethical dilemmas that they might encounter themselves.

Harvard Medical Dance Group

The Harvard Medical Dance Group aims to foster a sense of community for medical and dental students by providing the opportunity to become involved in dance through taking classes, teaching, and exploring dance opportunities in the city of Boston. By encouraging students with a diversity of backgrounds to teach classes, the Harvard Medical Dance Group will foster new relationships, empower those who have never had a chance to learn dance, and celebrate a variety of cultures and dance styles.

Harvard Medical Language Initiatives (HMLI)

The Harvard Medical Language Initiative (HMLI) is the principle organization providing longitudinal language training to Harvard’s medical students. We are an entirely student-­‐led group that organizes courses in Spanish, Mandarin and Portuguese. Our mission is to provide high-­‐quality, responsible language training to Harvard medical students, helping to meet the growing need for health care professionals to deliver excellent care across language and cultural barriers.

Our commitment to language training for medical students stems from a belief that healthcare is most effective when providers understand the cultural, socioeconomic, and political factors that affect the health and care of our patients. Language training is important for all healthcare providers and essential for those who intend to practice in community and global health settings. A substantial body of research has shown that language concordance between patients and physicians (with appropriate use of interpreters) significantly improves care for patients with limited English proficiency.

Healthcare Management Club

The HMS Healtcare Management group aims to expose students to management as a means by which to improve healthcare. Through mentorship opportunities, seminars, and speaker events, it enables students to explore dual careers in medicine and management and helps them build skill sets crucial for management careers. It lastly strives to promote interprofessional development through events that connect students from across the Harvard graduate school community who are interested in healthcare management.

HMS Association of Women Surgeons

The HMS chapter of the Association of Women Surgeons aims to provide opportunities for members to explore careers in surgery with a focus on professional development opportunities, mentorship, and advocacy.

HMS Chamber Music Society (HMS-­‐CMS)

The  HMS  Chamber  Music  Society  (HMS-­‐CMS)  is  a  student-­‐run  organization  at Harvard Medical School that has been recognized for its student engagement, community service, and musical quality. The Society aims to foster music performance at Harvard Medical School, organizes concerts to benefit worthwhile charitable organizations, and delivers outreach performances to patients in rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes throughout the Boston area. Musicians from the HMS-­‐CMS deliver bi-­‐annual benefit performances at Harvard Medical School’s Vanderbilt Hall, and have participated in concerts at Paine Hall and various medical conferences. Previous performances have raised funds for earthquake victims in Haiti and Japan (through the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and Harvard for Japan), as well as for the Brazilian Education NGO, The Library Tree (that provides educational  material  to  underserved  children).  All  musicians  in  the  HMS-­‐CMS donate their time and talents for these performances.

HMS Entrepreneurial Society (HMSES)

The goal of HMSES is to educate graduate students in the health and biological sciences about the process of innovation. This process is rarely investigated by students during their time at Harvard, and it is our hope to inform Harvard’s graduate student body of the key components involved in this process. With the help of both professionals and academics, our goal will be to conduct regular seminars which will aid in our teachings. These seminars will cover several different aspects of entrepreneurship, ranging from conception and establishment of a venture, intellectual property, obtaining funding, relevant aspects of business law, strategies for business growth, and also any other pertinent issues relating to entrepreneurship in the health sciences.

HMS Global Oncology Initiative

Promote awareness and initiate work focused on applying global health strategies to cancer and palliative care in resource poor settings.

HMS Heartbeats

We are a student group aimed at uniting students with a passion for music, singing, and performance. As a group we meet to share in our enjoyment of music and collaborate  to  arrange  performances  around  the  community.   A  blend  of  an  a acapella and chorale group, we embrace music as an art and as a means of uniting people and bringing joy to the HMS and surrounding community.

HMS/HSDM African Health and Advocacy Group

The African Health and Advocacy Group aims to foster a community and support and network for African students and individuals with professional or cultural interests in Africa within the medical school. We are also dedicated to developing and maintaining social and professional relationships with other African student groups across the Harvard community. We plan to provide mentorship opportunities for members with other students, faculty, and practicing professionals in the Greater Boston area. It is our mission to raise awareness and provide a forum for rich and substantive discussions concerning health and human rights issues in Africa. In addition, we seek to link students with clinical, educational and research opportunities related to the improvement of health in Africa.

HMS/HSDM International Student Organization (ISO)

HMS/HSDM ISO aims a) to provide a community and support network for international students at HMS/HSDM, b) to connect HMS/HSDM students to other international students and student groups among the Harvard schools and other medical schools and c) to provide students at large the opportunity to learn about international medical system and oversea employment.

HMS Students for Global Health (HMS SGH)

Students for Global Health (SGH)  is  a  student-­‐led  organization  based  at  Harvard Medical    School.    Through    didactic    seminars    and    case    presentations,    we provide students with   opportunities  to   learn   from   leaders  in global health and explore    the    challenges    of global healthcare    delivery. We    also    provide    a forum for advocacy and peer-­‐to-­‐peer teaching.

Its mission statement is “to create an interactive environment that provides medical students, residents and practicing physicians with cutting-­‐edge  information about health care policy and its effects on the practice of medicine.”

Leadership and Teamwork in Medicine (LTM)

The Leadership and Teamwork in Medicine (LTM) group was created to highlight the evolution of medicine into a multidisciplinary field. Long gone are the days when a solo physician could take efficient care of patients. Yet, at HMS, we have limited exposure to the roles of other healthcare professionals who work with physicians on a day-­‐to-­‐day basis. The LTM will invite speakers from a multitude of disciplines to explain their roles in the healthcare arena and how they interact with patients. Furthermore, they will emphasize on their experiences with different doctors and what made their relationships better of worse. This will allow us to go into the wards and into practice with a better idea of what is expected of us and what we can do to more efficiently lead a health care team.

Massachusetts Medical Society

This group seeks to engage medical students in current health policy issues relating to medical advocacy, education, and outreach in Massachusetts and to facilitate medical student involvement in the Massachusetts Medical Society.

Medical Education Student Interest Group

As the Medical Education Student Interest Group, we were formed under the Harvard Academy in continuing efforts to advance the direction of medical education. We aim to foster student interest in future careers in medical education, participate in and support student-to-student educational efforts, and collaborate with faculty in the conception and implementation of curriculum and educational improvements. We are guided by the principles that excellent medical educators are trained early on, and that students hold a valuable role in the constant improvement of their education.

Oral Health Pursuit of Equity Network (O.P.E.N.)

To sustain a student organization that foster a community consciousness based on public health principals among future dental and medical professionals through relevant educational programming and direct volunteer action.  We will pursue oral health equity at all community levels: within school, Boston, Massachusetts, and future international partnerships.  We will engage dental and medical students in a dialogue about current dental public health issues, with a focus on social justice within dental careers, and inter-­‐disciplinary collaboration.  Since we function as the student arm of a national organization, we also seek to increase student representation within AAPHD/APHA.  The actions will generate a novel, synergistic network among students, faculty, and local health professionals.

Philos Society

The Philos Society aims to provide an open and safe space for future physicians and dentists to explore our shared interest in philosophy and critical reasoning. We seek to provide the HMS and HSDM student communities with the analytical tools to challenge our own conceptual frameworks and to develop paradigms that cultivate an examined life.

Practice Management Club

The Practice Management Club aims to help student gain awareness and understanding of the important aspects of managing a private health care practice.

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Interest Group (QIPS)

The goal of QIPS is to expose students to new ideas in the field of quality improvement and help interested students to further explore these topics and find relevant research projects, so that the next generation of physician leaders will be better equipped to use principles of behavioral psychology and systems engineering to design health systems that improve health outcomes and keep patients safer.

Spirituality, Healing, and the Mind Student Interest Group

The Spirituality, Healing, and the Mind Student Interest Group provides a space for HMS students to intellectually and experientially explore topics related to spirituality, healing, and the mind in medicine. In pursuit of this goal, we offer: 1) talks given by researchers, scholars, and practitioners with expertise in fields related to the mind, healing, and spirituality in medicine; 2) experiential workshops where students can learn and practice mind-body and reflective techniques such as meditation, yoga, and journaling; 3) student-led discussions on topics related to spirituality, healing, and the mind as they relate to the care of both our patients and ourselves.

Students for Environmental Awareness in Medicine (SEAM)

Students for Environmental Awareness in Medicine (SEAM) was founded out of concern about escalating trends in environmental degradation and the absence of public discourse about the threat this degradation poses to human health. SEAM aims to address these issues within and outside of the HMS community. One of SEAM’s major impacts is to educate and engage the HMS community around these important changes through lunch talks, films, and journal clubs. Furthermore, SEAM collaborates with the Longwood Green Campus Initiative on a number of projects to improve energy efficiency and recycling and to reduce waste among students and staff.

Students for Medicine and Art (SMA)

No description

Students for Nutrition (SFN)

To educate the HMS, Longwood, and Boston communities on the vital role nutrition plays in overall health, wellness, and medical care, from the individual level to a global health perspective.

Ultrasound Student Interest Group (USIG)

The mission of the USIG is to educate HMS students on how to use ultrasound technology so that students are prepared to use ultrasonography and interpret ultrasound pictures in their medical practice.

Socio-cultural and Religious Groups

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)

AMWA is an organization of women physicians, medical students, and other persons dedicated to serving as the unique voice for women’s health and the advancement of women in medicine.

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)

We are an organization of Asian and Pacific Islander (APA) medical students committed to addressing the unique health challenges of APA communities through education, outreach, advocacy, and service.

Catholic Students Organization (CSO)

Our mission is (a) to provide a community where Catholics can grow in personal holiness, further their formation as Catholic medical professionals, and learn to undertake an effective external apostolate; and (b) to acquaint the rest of HMS/HSDM with Catholic religious and ethical beliefs and their interaction with medicine.

Christian Medical Dental Association (CMDA)

The Christian Medical and Dental Association at HMS and HSDM is part of a larger Christian Community in the Longwood Medical Area of Boston. We aspire to follow Jesus together and to bring his healing to our patients, our colleagues, and our city. We provide an open forum for anyone wishing to learn or ask questions about Christianity and the role it can play in one’s life.

HMS Military Medicine and Dentistry Society

This society will serve the military and civilian members of Harvard’s medical and dental community in two important ways.  First, the Society will provide a forum for its members to share experiences and discuss issues relevant to military medicine and dentistry.  Second, the society will create a community where prospective military physicians, dentists, and their civilian colleagues can unite, collaborate, and seek professional advice.   Ultimately, the society will prepare Harvard Medical and Dental students for military service, while forging long term relationships between the civilian and military medical and dental communities.

Latino Medical Student Association/Medical Students of Las Americas (MeSLA)

We are a branch of LMSA-­‐NE.  The Latino Medical Student Association-­‐-­‐Northeast

(LMSA-­‐NE), formerly known as the National Boricua Latino Health Organization (NBLHO), is a Latino student group representing health professions students from the northeast region of the United States. Its mission is to recruit Latinos into higher education, educate the public and one another about Latino health issues, advocate for increased Latino representation in health related areas, and promote awareness about social, political and economic issues as they relate to Latino health. It also serves to create a support network for Latino students.

As NBLHO, this group was formed in 1970 at Harvard Medical School in response to the  need  for  Latino  medical  students  to  organize  in  favor  of  rampant  health discrimination both inside and outside educational institutions. Today, there are approximately eleven active medical school chapters, and 200 medical student members in the area between Washington, D.C. and Maine. New chapters and members are being added every year.

LMSA-­‐NE  is  fully affiliated with  the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA), formerly the National Network of Latin American Students (NNLAMS). This is a national partnership  between  other  regional  Latino medical student groups  to create one strong voice for Latino medical students throughout the entire United States.

Check out our website here:

LGBT and Allied Harvard Medical Students (LAHMS)

Advance the understanding of LGBT health through supplemental discussion and the encouragement of curriculum reform; Act as a focus for student advocacy and activism  regarding  LGBT  health  and  social  policy; Provide visibility to  the  HMS LGBT community and discuss issues particular to LGBT individuals in medicine; Maintain and expand the HMS LGBT community and its connections to corresponding communities in the Harvard-­‐affiliated hospitals, in Harvard University, in Boston, and nationally

LGBT and Allies @ HSDM

No description :/

Maimonides Society

The  Maimonides  Society  is  the  Jewish  Student  Association  at  Harvard  Medical School  (HMS)  and  the  Harvard  School  of  Dental  Medicine  (HSDM).  We  are committed to strengthening the Jewish community at HMS and HSDM through the development of events that promote Jewish religion, culture, and community involvement. Our events, which are open to the entire community, are organized around Jewish holidays, Shabbatot, community service, Israeli affairs, and educational seminars. We also coordinate events with the Harvard Jewish Graduate Student Association to promote community building between Jewish students at the various Harvard graduate schools.

Native American Health Organization (NAHO)

The Native American Health Organization hopes to establish a foundation for unity among students interested in Native American health issues and culture. Through a variety of special programs, NAHO seeks to improve the health status of Native Americans and indigenous people by encouraging and recruiting Native American and indigenous students into medicine and increasing the awareness of Native American heritage and health care issues.

South Asian Medical and Dental Association (SAMDA)

SAMDA serves to bring together Harvard Medical and Dental students with the idea of working together to increase awareness of South Asian culture and issues pertinent to South Asian health professionals.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

Community Service Groups

Boston Coalition for Adult Immunizations (BCAI)

No description :/

Crimson Care Collaboratives (CCC)

The Crimson Care Collaboratives are student-­‐faculty collaborative practices that aim to serve their surrounding communities by providing primary care and social services to populations in need, while generating excitement about primary care and training the next generation of primary care doctors.

Overriding themes for CCC sites, as derived by our student board from the mission statements of the evolving clinics:

  • Sudent-­‐driven initiative with close faculty support
  • Student   exposure   to,   and   participation   in,   primary   care   in   a   multi-disciplinary, integrated, system based approach
  •  Strong social mission by increasing access to care or addressing social needs
  • A commitment to quality through stringent attending-­‐level  supervision and close follow up
  • The development of  innovative solutions to  community or  organizational problems

Health Professions Recruitment & Exposure Program (HPREP)

Eliminating disparities in physician and scientist training through recruitment and support of under privileged and minority high school students.

HMS AIDS Action Initiative (HMSAAI)

Assisting  local  agencies  in  reaching  people  at  high  risk  for  HIV  infection  with education, counseling and testing for HIV. To achieve this mission, the CTP has two goals:  (1) to provide concrete skills to medical and dental students and (2) to increase the capacity of nonprofit health and social service agencies to provide HIV counseling and testing. Students receive a rigorous, two and a half day training in counseling and rapid testing from a Department of Public Health/AIDS Bureau-­‐ sanctioned trainer that culminates in Massachusetts’ certification.

HSDM Mentorship Club

This club aims to increase awareness about careers in dentistry for underprivileged youth in the area.  We hold information sessions with hands-on experiences for interested students at local high schools and Boys and Girls Clubs. We facilitate the pairing of pre-dental students with current Harvard Dental students and arrange shadowing opportunities as requested. On our blog we post advice and tips about pre-health careers, as well as create a forum for discussion for students.

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)

Our mission is to join the network of medical students working with Physicians for Human Rights to develop advocacy skills and explore the intersections of the legal and medical challenges facing refugees and other vulnerable populations. It is our mission to develop these skills through lectures, training sessions, and hands-on experience by participating in the forensic evaluations for medical affidavits for asylum seekers with teams of medical professionals, social workers, and lawyers.

Prevention, Health Awareness, and Choice through Education (PHACE)

The mission of PHACE is to educate high-­‐risk teens in Boston city public schools about safe-­‐sex practices and healthy lifestyle choices that incorporate messages of prevention, health awareness, and choice.